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Timbre Hill Dulcimer Models


Timbre Hill Dulcimers are made using three different internal forms which result in three different styles or models. These forms consistently determine the width of the waist and upper and lower bouts. Individual dulcimers will vary in over-all length and depth of sides to accommodate considerations of voice. Depth of sides varies from 2” to 2 1/2. I use 25” and 27” VSL (vibrating string length—that is, the distance from the nut to the bridge.) In a very unimaginative way, I call these three styles Form A, Form B and Form C. The fretboards on all three models contain 16 frets and include the 6 ½ and 13 ½ frets. The standard fretboard is 1.5" wide and .75" high.

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Sound Clips (mp3) of Timbre Hill Dulcimers - featuring Jan Hammond

Lil West Arm Shuffle Dream Stream Dance with Me Circles Amazing Grace Be Thou My Vision
NOTE: Sound clips feature Jan Hammond, playing Timbre Hill Dulcimers. Lil West Arm Shuffle, Dream Stream, and Circles are composed by Jan Hammond. Amazing Grace and Be Thou My Vision are traditional songs. Please do not copy or distribute without express written permission of Timbre Hill Dulcimers. Enjoy!

Form A—my personal favorite. It was designed for a 27” VSL, although with a bit of finagling, it can accommodate a 25” VSL. Overall length ranges from 32”-36”. It has a waist of 3 1/8”; width of upper bout is 6 1/8”—the lower bout is 7 ½”.

Form B—A smaller, more compact instrument which makes it very handy to carry and play. It's available with either a 23 5/8" or 25" VSL, and was designed to create a big sound for those with small hands that find a more compact instrument desirable. Overall length ranges from 30”-34”. It has a waist of 5”; the width of the upper bout is 6 1/8”—the lower bout is 7 Ό”.

Form C—A longer, wider version of  Form A. The increased sound box area gives it more volume. It can accommodate both the 25" and 27” VSL. Overall length ranges from 34”-38”. It has a waist of 4”; the upper bout is 7 Ό”—the lower bout is 9 1/8”.

Prices / Options / Ordering / Return Policy

Options, prices (and other fussy details)—the price of any model dulcimer is $425. Although I primarily work with the hourglass shape, teardrop-shaped instruments are available at no extra cost. Likewise, there is no price difference between guitar and scroll heads. Ping or Grover tuners are used.

Custom orders are welcomed. Due to the fact that custom orders require considerable discussion and conversation, a nominal fee of $20 is charged. A deposit of $150 is requested before work starts on a custom model. 

The customer is asked to pay the actual shipping costs along with a $15 packaging/handling fee.

Additional options are priced as follows:

Intarsia top +$80
Intarsia back +$80
Double back +$165
Ebony fretboard overlay +$80
Fretboard marking dots +$8 each
Strap buttons +$10 pair
Extra frets +$10 each
Custom soundholes Priced after discussion, Phone: 330-763-3282
Inlays Priced after discussion, Phone: 330-763-3282
Internal pick-ups Priced after discussion, Phone: 330-763-3282


Timbre Hill looks forward to building a dulcimer for you. As each dulcimer is built and setup especially for you, I will only take an order by phone or email. Timbre Hill does accept major credit cards through PayPal.


A primary goal at Timbre Hill is a happy and satisfied customer (and hopefully a happy and satisfied builder.) I’m always happy to talk about and resolve any issues that might create reservations on the part of the customer. And the dulcimers can be returned (within seven days) if the customer so desires. The customer will re-package, and ship the dulcimer (adequately insured) at their expense. I hold myself responsible for any failures in workmanship or materials as long as the dulcimer remains with the original owner.


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